Mellow Yellow to Liven up in 2014

They may call it mellow yellow, but it will liven up homes in 2014. That’s because mellow yellow is the hottest colour for 2014, expected to take the spotlight in all areas of interior décor, says leading Canadian paint brand CIL® paint.
“Next year’s stand out colour can best be described as a butter cream yellow, a warm pastel shade that has a fullness to it, but is still light enough to act as a neutral,” said Alison Goldman, brand manager for CIL paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings, announcing Creamy (50YY 77/285) as the brand’s 2014 colour of the year.
“It’s a soft, buttery colour that emits a feeling of calm, tranquility and renewal,” Goldman said, explaining that people today continue to look for new directions to retreat from our busy, connected lives, and mellow yellow creates a stable environment in which to pause and refresh. “It’s a very easy-to-live-with colour, continuously delivering a ray of warmth no matter what the weather outside.”
Because creamy yellow is so versatile, it is easily incorporated into any décor, Goldman explained. She offers these suggestions on how to bring next year’s hottest colour into your home.
Room to grow: Besides calming our minds, butter cream yellows are said to positively impact our overall well-being. Reminiscent of flowers, the sun and summer, they make us happy and optimistic, and infuse us with a sense of quiet strength and order. Warm yellows are therefore a good choice for any room – from bedrooms and family rooms, to bathrooms, kitchens and dining areas, highlighted both on the walls and through accessories like pillows, throw rugs and décor items.

Make a match: Since warm yellow is an adaptable, soft hue, it works extremely well when paired with other colours. Good combinations include brights of a similar saturation level as well as citrus colours, blues, purples and greens. CIL suggests Sweet Sandy (90YR 55/266) orange, Falling Rain (30BG 56/097) blue, and Pine Forest Green (10GY 29/158) green as top combo picks.
Stay Neutral: Being a warm neutral, creamy yellow also works well with other warm neutrals, such as taupes, soft browns and light greys. In fact, Goldman explained that warm neutrals from all colour families – including Chinchilla White (10YY 46/041) taupe, Brown study (00YY 12/173) brown and West Coast Grey (50BG 38/011) grey – top the colour chart for 2014. For added richness and depth, paint the year’s hottest neutrals in rooms accented with wood or leather furniture.
Other popular CIL colour choices for 2014 are greens Green Grove (70YY 18/152) and Triton Green (50GG 11/251), blues Chelsea Blue (50BG 41/312) and Indian Bead (70BG 31/332) Falling Rain (30BG 56/097), oranges Dramatic Coral (70YR 49/332) and Salmon Pink (60YR 59/261), reds Lover’s Knot (90RR 55/138), and purples Silhouette (70BB 28/0080) and Victorian Violet (88BB 11/331).

About CIL® Paint
Available in Canada at The Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Rona and other independent paint dealers, CIL paint has been a trusted brand in businesses, communities, schools and homes across the country for 85 years. With more than 1,200 colours in its palette, CIL paint has developed a colour mood system that guarantees a perfect match across a wide spectrum of colours.
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