Cases of “Paint Paralysis” Rise in Summer
Cases of “Paint Paralysis” Rise in Summer
It can strike at any time – looking at a blank wall, standing in front of an in-store display of paint chips and cans, or flipping through a home décor magazine. It’s a dreaded syndrome that can result in confusion and anxiety, and one many of us are all too familiar with – “paint paralysis.”
“There’s no doubt that painting a room can be a stressful experience,” said Alison Goldman, brand manager for CIL® paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings. “In fact, feedback we receive from among the more than 1,000 CIL paint dealers across the country is that the majority of people are overwhelmed by the thought of tackling a paint project in their home.”
She cited fear of choosing the wrong paint colour or product as the main source of consumer anxiety. Now, Goldman said, the CIL paint team has a cure.
“We’re urging consumers to ‘fear no longer,’” Goldman said in launching a unique campaign by CIL paint entitled “Stop Paint Paralysis.” “The campaign was created to help Canadians take their paint jobs one stroke at a time and increase their confidence level when it comes to choosing colours and products.”
As part of the “paint paralysis cure,” Goldman said CIL paint will reassure consumers about their choices through unique colour and product selection and “Ask An Expert” tools on its new website, In stores, home décor experts will make occasional appearances to help with the selection process, and consumers will be encouraged to experiment through various promotions.
For those nervous about embarking on a paint project, Goldman suggested starting small. She shared these simple tricks to give rooms a lift without having to paint an entire space:
Pick a spot, any spot: Paint only one area of a room in a bold colour to create a unique focal point. For example, if the walls of your living room are beige, consider painting the wall space peeking out from behind an open-back bookcase in bright, complementary colours such as Desert Orange (78YR 39/593) and Peking Blue (56BG 23/355*) by CIL paint.
Add a touch of whimsy: Create a whimsical design on a wall that not only adds artistic flair but is functional as well. One option is to paint an image of a locker in a mud room or kid’s room and affix actual hooks on the “inside” to hang jackets or hats. Or, instead of a traditional headboard in a bedroom, create the illusion of one with paint, using stand-out colours or designs such as quilt patchwork.
Show your stripes: Horizontal or vertical stripes add dimension and drama to a décor. Try painting two or three bands of horizontal stripes in varying thickness around the entire room to visually widen, heighten and modernize the area. For best results, use graduating shades of the same colour, with the darkest stripe at the bottom, such as CIL paint colour Blue Waltz (30BB 17/158*) at the top, followed by Florentine Blue (30BB 32/139) and then Margate Blue (30BB 46/086) underneath.
It’s OK to get graphic: Add interest to any space by painting graphic designs such as shapes, letters, patterns or zigzags on a focal wall. This technique is less expensive than buying artwork and gives you bragging rights as an artistic creator. One vividly-coloured large shape, such as a square or circle, also works well and delivers an air of simple sophistication.
Colour in the lines: Why spend time searching for the perfect frame when you can paint one directly on the wall instead? Outline photos, artwork and mirrors using rich jewel or gold tones to mimic expensive framework. Or update a tired décor by outlining an entire room in a bold colour. White or beige walls, for example, can be jazzed up by painting baseboards, door frames and window frames a vibrant coral red or deep green, such as CIL paint colours Skyrocket Red (30YR 20/595*) or Splendor (50GY 15/289*) green.
“The first step is to understand that, when it comes to painting, there’s no such thing as a wrong decision,” Goldman emphasized, explaining that décor is a matter of personal taste. “A paint job is also not permanent – if you try something and don’t like it, simply paint over it and try again.”
CIL paints are sold at The Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Rona and independent paint stores across the country. For more information about the campaign, visit .
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Posted: 6/16/2014 9:00:00 AM
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