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Which Colour Grey Should I Paint?


Are you having trouble picking the perfect shade of Grey? If you're searching for grey paint colours, you know by now that there are WAY more than 50 of them.

Grey has definitely marked its spot as the go-to neutral paint colour, from a particularly popular novel to interiors, paint colours and home decor. The greys available in our CIL paint colour palette range from warm and welcoming to deep and cool. But how do you tell them apart?

Grey has a warm or cool undertone if the warm (red, yellow, orange) or cool side of the colour wheel (blue, green, purple) is represented more in the composition of the colour, if even just ever so slightly. Grey can be a chameleon colour, changing in different shades and intensities of light. Live with a sample chip of your top choices in the room you’re planning on painting,  throughout all levels of natural and artificial light throughout the day and evening to help you make the best selection.

For a warm selection of greys, start with Forest Black (30YY 10/038 CN52), a brown leaning black with yellow hints, cascading through lighter greys in the same family, such as Stone Grey (30YY 31/024 CN51)  and Sutton Place Grey (30YY 54/030 CN54), with slightly warm undertones. While on the other end of the warm to cool grey spectrum, Dark Grey Silk (30BB 13/034 CN39, a deep grey with cooler undertones, leads a colour family through a range of crisp greys, such as Silversmith Grey (30BB 26/025 CN39) and Silver Reflection (50BG 54/017 CN36).
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