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How Do I Choose the Right Paint Colour?

Where should you start when choosing a paint colour for any room? How do designers go about designing a colour scheme?

Well, start by choosing more than one paint colour. You don't have to paint with all of the colours you choose, but starting with a colour scheme will help choose the colour of everything - from accessories and artwork, to rugs and cushions. As a rule of thumb, you'll need to repeat a colour at least 3 times in a room to make it feel like it belongs.

So before you start, ask yourself a few questions - what are your favourite colours? What colours do you not like?  Lighter toned, brighter colours, darker tones or softer neutrals?  Reds, blues, greens etc.?

The easiest place to start is to choose a few paint colours from something already in your room. Maybe the floors are distinctive, or you have brightly coloured piece or artwork, or if you're keeping the furniture, start by choosing a few colours from these pieces. 

Once you’ve got three or four colours that all go together, choose a wall colour - one that is light or dark enough to provide contrast to the flooring, furniture or other items in the space. Then pick a white or light neutral paint colour for the trim and doors and you’re done!

Still stuck on what colour to choose? Our CIL experts are here to help you pick the paint colour that’s perfect for you. Ask us now!
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