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Which Paint Colours are Best for Small Spaces?


Maximize the perceived roominess of a small space by using these simple paint colour and decor tips.

Bright & Light: Pastels, pale neutrals and white paint colours all help to visually expand a small room, compared to dark or intense colours.

Minimize Contrast: Use monochromatic paint colours (varying intensities of the same colour) on the walls, furniture, finishes and fabrics. If there is a large piece of furniture in the room, like a sofa, pick a paint colour that is just slightly lighter or darker than the item. You can use different colours on adjoining walls, just make sure that they are of similar intensity to minimize the contrast.

Floors & Ceilings: A light  coloured paint on the ceiling and light coloured flooring will help to open the space up visually.

Trim & Doors: Paint the trim and doors in a small room, a narrow hallway or tiny entryway the same colour as the walls, minimizing visual clutter and expanding the space.

Balance: Add different colours in balance to each other - a large, intensely coloured element can overwhelm a room, making the space feel smaller.

Space-Maximizing Decor Tips

  • Minimize the number of pieces of furniture, using less but larger pieces rather than many tiny pieces.
  • Use reflective and volume expanding elements and surfaces like mirrors and glass to bounce the light around.
  • Use a single, large piece of art rather than a grouping of smaller pieces
  • Add multiple lighting sources including ambient, task and indirect.
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